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Instant Comfort: The Number Bed that Changes with You!

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Instant Comfort: The Number Bed that Changes with You!

There have been so many incarnations of airbeds over the years. There has been a clear “King of the Castle,” but many others have tried their hand at producing what has become a staple in the bedding industry! One of the more notable of those to go head to head with the giant is Instant Comfort produced by American National Manufacturing. As a medical air bed company (among other things) American National MFG has been creating the industry standard in medical air bed and water bed supplies. After some time, research, and the turmoil that befell Comfortaire, it seemed like the perfect time to enter the consumer retail world! When they entered the competition, they quickly became a tour de force in the adjustable air bed industry.

Instant Comfort is unique in that they are very particular in the quality and durability of their products. When they manufacture every air bladder, they pump them up to more than 100% capacity and leave them for several days to ensure that they never fail. They also go to the extreme of knowing the exact number of zipper teeth in their covers to ensure they are completely replaceable and reversible! This sounds like it would be a simple problem/solution but if there is a problem with another branded adjustable air support bed cover, the entire cover has to be replaced! With Instant Comfort, you need only replace the top. Their pumps have also been the topic of conversation when discussing air beds. As they are the only FDA approved consumer air support mattress, they have to comply with medical standards. This means that the “number” that you set on your bed has a purpose and an explanation. The readout on their machinery works more like a blood pressure monitor. So the reading is based on your body pressure rather than a random unidentifiable number.

There are many reasons to consider getting an adjustable air support bed. The primary of these would be sleeping preferences. Each person has a specific need that we as bedding experts are trying to identify. Through the process of elimination, it’s sometimes determined that there is no solution! For example; person A may sleep strictly on their stomach and person B on their side. In this situation, it’s very difficult to come up with a reasonable solution within traditional bedding. As a general rule, beds are made to have the same feel across the whole surface. The two aforementioned sleepers require two vastly different surfaces and this is where Instant Comfort comes to the rescue! With the possibility of two separate comfort levels, you can bring couples back together where they may have been in separate beds.

In our store, we have several options for Instant Comfort products to direct you to what will work best for your needs. Picking a mattress is a stressful and confusing process and we work our best to ensure that you have every option available. There are some great products available for adjustable air support mattresses but Instant Comfort really is The Number Bed That Changes with You!


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