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What type of mattress is right for you?

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What type of mattress is right for you?

Going into a mattress store today can be rather overwhelming. Upon walking in, you are immediately bombarded with so many different options. There are so many different types of mattresses that the process of buying a new one can be frustrating and confusing. Though it can seem daunting, there are only a few basic types of mattress to think about when shopping for a better night’s sleep.

Traditional Innerspring:

The most prevalent type of mattress in almost all bedding shops is the traditional innerspring. The support in these beds comes from a metal coil system; most commonly an individualized coil support. On top of these coils are various layers of foams including some memory foams and some traditional polyurethane foams. The very top of these mattresses consists of a quilted layer and polyurethane foams which give us the feel of a traditional mattress when we lay on them. Within the traditional innerspring type, there are several feels ranging from extra firm mattresses to ultra plush pillow top mattresses.

Solid Material:

Another popular type of mattress is the solid material mattress; these mattresses are very different than traditional innerspring mattresses. The support layer in a solid material mattress consists of a high-density support foam as opposed to a metal coil system, and on top of the support layer is built multiple levels of pressure-relieving memory foams. Solid material mattresses encapsulate a wide selection which includes memory foam mattresses, latex mattresses, and many of the mattresses in the Tempur-Pedic line. (Tempur-Pedic is not the same thing as memory foam!) As is the case with traditional innerspring mattresses, there are varying feels that range from extra firm to ultra plush within the solid material type.


The most popular type of mattress as of late is the hybrid style. A hybrid mattress, as the name implies, is a mixture of both an innerspring mattress and a solid material mattress. The support in a hybrid mattress is similar to an innerspring mattress and comes from an individualized coil support. The top of a hybrid mattress, however, is more similar to a solid material mattress and consists exclusively of multiple layers of memory foam. The idea behind a hybrid style mattress is that the sleeper experiences the pressure-relieving benefits of memory foam with the uplifting support provided by the coil system that comes from a traditional innerspring mattress. Each bedding company has its own lines of hybrid mattresses that combine their support system with its unique memory foams. As with innerspring and solid material mattresses, hybrid mattresses range in feel from extra firm to ultra plush.

Adjustable Air:

One more popular style of mattress on the market today is the adjustable air support mattress. These mattresses allow sleepers to customize their sleep experience by adjusting the firmness level within the mattress. Adjustable air mattresses are constructed by placing air bladders in the bottom of the mattress with pressure-relieving foams built on top. The air bladders are controlled by remotes which the sleeper uses to find their perfect setting. The fuller the air bladders, the firmer the mattress and visa-versa. Adjustable air mattresses are ideal for couples who have very different preferences when it comes to the desired firmness of their mattress, and they allow for individual sleepers to find their perfect feel dependant on the specific and current needs of their body.

Which type of mattress is the best? There is no wrong answer to that question! Each individual type of mattress has their own unique benefits, and each individual person must find what is best for them. There are great choices to be had in every different type of mattress. Stop in or call us today and let us show you around. We will help you find the perfect type of mattress to give you a better night’s sleep!

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