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Benefits of a Mattress on an Adjustable Base

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Benefits of a Mattress on an Adjustable Base

One of the most popular add on items when purchasing a mattress is an adjustable base. Many people think of being able to watch television, do Facebook or answer emails, but they may be unaware of the major health benefits an adjustable base. At Sleeping Giant, Goldilocks has far more than three mattresses from which to choose, but she also has some health benefits and options to consider when she purchases her adjustable base with the “just right” mattress.

“I can recline in bed, watch TV and work on my laptop?” – Yes, Goldie, with an adjustable base you can watch your favorite Netflix binge in a raised head position. That makes it easier to see your TV, you can recline in comfort, and you can post on Facebook how much better your night’s sleep is on your “just right” mattress and adjustable base from Sleeping Giant while you are enjoying that awesome Netflix binge.

Now Goldilocks is multitasking while reclining in bed, AND she is experiencing some major HEALTH BENEFITS with her new adjustable base. Breathing is easier in a reclined position. Raising the head frees up breathing space between soft palate, epiglottis, larynx, trachea, bronchial tubes and down into the lungs. Doctors who specialize in Sleep Disorders often prescribe adjustable bases. It makes sense, when the thorax is not pressing down on the lungs it is much easier to breathe. Better breathing leads to healthier heart function – raising the head helps in the oxygenation process of blood, your heart rate is eased, blood flow is less hindered, which rejuvenates your body. Raising the head helps with digestion and Acid Reflux – good thing, because we heard Goldilocks loves spicy food. Raising the head helps fight the acid wash that often occurs with GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease). In fact, laryngologists and gastroenterologists will often suggest raising head of the bed 6-8 inches to help prevent acid wash. Wow, doctors see the benefits and prescribe adjustable bases. In some cases, when a doctor makes a prescription for an adjustable base, sales tax can often be omitted, saving hundreds of dollars.       

“I prop up my legs and just relax.” – Goldie uses the Zero Gravity position available on most models to take pressure off the legs, raise head and relax the core muscles of the body. Zero-G helps the body lop off more quickly and more often into rapid eye movement sleep (REM), which gives a deeper, more rejuvenating sleep. Doctors and Chiropractors often prescribe adjustable bases to ease pain and relax muscles for better sleep and health.

“I love the massage on my adjustable base.” – Goldie uses the vibrating massage feature every night. It eases muscle tension and, and oftentimes provides a delta wave relaxation response. Adjustable bases come in various standard sizes from twin to king. Some higher end models have special posturing features like an extension for pillow retention and one has a lumbar posturing feature.

“Can I use adjustable bases with my furniture bed?” – in most cases, Goldie, yes. The adjustable bases are placed into the furniture bed (headboard/footboard/rails) by first removing the slats, placing the bases, and then installing a mattress which meets manufacturer criteria of their adjustable base.

“Can I attach my headboard to my adjustable base?” – in most cases, Goldie, yes. Each manufacturer has optional headboard attachments, some come standard, or some can be purchased at a minimal low price.

So, I’m sure that Goldilocks is loving her “just the right position” with her adjustable base on her “just right” feel mattress from Sleeping Giant for her better night’s sleep.

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